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"We find that celebrities also offer a credibility signal to donors, which is
especially important for nonprofit organizations."

Using a sample of more than
500 industry-diverse charities
with known celebrity
affiliations, we find support
for the celebrity-lift
hypothesis—that celebrity
-affiliated nonprofits are
associated with increased
contributions. We also find
that celebrity affiliation has a
substitution effect such that
fundraising expenses are
lower at celebrity-affiliated
  • Movie stars, musical performers, and other celebrities who are associated with philanthropic causes help increase financial support from the public.
  • We find that celebrities also offer a credibility signal to donors, which is especially important for nonprofit organizations.
  • Celebrities bring attention to charities just as they would a product, creating image-related links on the basis of qualities such as attractiveness and likability, expertise, and trustworthiness
  • A brand that is able to break through the clutter of marketing messages by being associated with a well-known, attractive, and sometimes expert endorser is typically perceived to be more credible and more likable
  • “Both of those aspects — credibility and likeability — add value to a brand, which in turn makes it easier and more likely that consumers would choose the particular brand. We believe it’s a fairly similar process for celebrities and nonprofit organizations, as reflected in donations
  • Athletes, movie stars, and newscasters are associated with the largest increase in public donations.
  • It is difficult for the public to gauge how successful charity organizations are in meeting their stated goals, but celebrity support lends credibility to those organizations
  • Furthermore, a relationship with a celebrity allows nonprofit organizations to allocate more resources to service missions than fundraising campaigns, Harris says
  • Charitable organizations have to spend a lot of time to cultivate the relationship with a celebrity and we think that speaks well of nonprofit managers
  • We hope nonprofit marketing professionals may increase awareness of their organizations through celebrity endorsements.

Nonprofit Quarterly Journal

Authors: Rutgers School Of Business. Dr. Julie Ruth, Professor of Marketing at the Rutgers University School of Business. Associate Editor, The Journal Of Advertising. and Dr. Erica Harris, Assistant Professor of Accounting, Rutgers School Of Business.