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On ProHero, Influencers Do Monthly Social Media Posts For Brands
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Market your Brand

Influencer or celeb posts to social media

Influencer tweets about product or service. In this example a car radio. They include a link to purchase or other page

High Profile Athletes and Celebrities

Millions of fans see post

Millions of fans see celebrity posts. Then click to product or service purchase page


Fans/followers/recipients click purchase link

Followers, fans and viewers are able to review product or service

List products and services on athletes and celebrities pages

Sales at purchase page

Followers, fans and viewers complete purchases

Recommended: Conduct A Test Campaign Using Athlete or Celebrity Social Posts

We can manage it all for you!

Acquire new customers at low cost.

Utilize 2-20 celebrity influencers affordably with ROI.

Reverse bid process to secure low post pricing

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Build a celeb network: Available for recurring campaigns

Fast Process: ProHero Can Manage The Entire Process For You

Sample Post

Affordable Average Target Cost:
10 Cents to $2 Per Click

Sample Post

  • Event: Attendance and Speakers
  • Cause/NonProfit/Charity Support
  • Marketing

Hire, Manage And Pay One Or 100 Influencers Easily
And Securely Or We Can Do It All For You

Sample Post

Market your Brand

We can manage it all for you

We can fully manage the process (ID influencers/celebs, get pricing, review influencer content submissions, publish, analyze results, pay) or you can manage campaigns with our easy to use online system

High Profile Athletes and Celebrities

Maximize ROI

Get the best pricing possible from influencers and celebs by using our bidding tools so that celebs compete to give you the best price.


Fast and easy to use

Easy to use technology tools: Management and analytics tools allowing you to execute campaigns FAST! + Passionate customer service!

List products and services on athletes and celebrities pages

Integrations with major social media sites

Integrations with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more for full market reach!

Influencers Are Proven : Celebrity Influencer Campaign Examples
Just 3 of thousands of examples

Skittles And NFL PLayer Marshawn Lynch

Campaign Results: Sales increased 19.2% during the four-week period ending the week following the posting of this YouTube ad, the largest such sales increase in Skittles brand history.

LG And Skateboarder Ryan Sheckler

Campaign Results: Highest video completion rate and lowest cost per completed video in LG brand history

  • 65% decrease in CPC to product/purchase related sites

Dish Latino And Latin Actor Eugenio Derbez

Campaign Results: Digital media drove the 2nd highest volume of subscriptions in DishLATINO history

Proven: Sales Records Set By Influencer Campaigns

Adweek Logo

“Businesses averaged $6.50 in revenue for each $1 spent on influencer marketing”

“Most marketers say influencer campaigns result in “better” customers.”

ZdNet Influencer Info

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  • Promote our fashion line on your YouTube and SnapChat accounts

  • Promote our products to your Instagram fan base.

  • Can you promote our fundraiser on your Twitter account

  • Promote our consumer products to your Snapchat fans

  • I need some Olympians for my bank's online influencer campaign

  • Can you create some YouTube posts for us about our health and fitness products


Hire 1 Or 100 Athletes Easily!

Norman Nixon

NFL Leaders Agree

Carl Eller, “Purple People Eater” and President NFL Retired Players Association. NFL champion, Hall Of Famer, 6× Pro Bowl + NFL Defensive Player of the Year

“ProHero was professional and everything went exactly the way it was planned. The client was a great fit for me”

Carl Eller

Carl Eller

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