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Some athletes and celebrities just use our social tools to stay in touch and not for business! Feel free to create a social profile on ProHero and we’ll help you build your followers and fans!

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Morgan Stanley
Goldman Sachs
Race to Erase MS

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  • Product test and review 3 of my consumer products brands. You must have a top track record

  • We want to list our services on five celebrities’ ProHero pages and then have you share them with your followers

  • Can you attend our corporate nonprofit’s fundraiser on Monday.

  • I need some NBA players for my client’s print and TV commercials

  • I need some Olympians for my bank's online influencer campaign

  • We need a sales speaker for our conference and some athletes for appearance at our clients' booths


Literally EVERYTHING set up on YOUR terms
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Earn Money + Fast Payment

Earn Money
+ Fast Payments!

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We help you build followers

We help you
Build Followers

We make sure that marketers, sponsors, event organizers and more follow you and focus on your profile

Too busy?

Too Busy?

In season? On location? A lot going on? Register, sit back, enjoy our social features and in the background we’ll help you build a long term pipeline of fans and business followers for down the road

No Contracts = No Headache

No Contracts =
No Headache

We keep it simple. It’s free to join and no credit card is needed. We pay you, not the other way round

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3x Super Bowl
Wide Receiver Mark Jackson,
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Bids received on


Happy fans. Happy Everyone!
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How many of your current fans or followers want to do business with you?

If you import your contacts into ProHero we can help you find out.

Of my fans:

  • Who are businesses?
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NFL Leaders Agree

Carl Eller, “Purple People Eater” and President NFL Retired Players Association. NFL champion, Hall Of Famer, 6× Pro Bowl + NFL Defensive Player of the Year

“ProHero was professional and everything went exactly the way it was planned. The client was a great fit for me”

Carl Eller

Carl Eller

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While Expanding Your Base Of Fans And Followers


Features To Help You Over The Short And Long Term

  • Accept cash offers made to you
  • Send proposals to businesses and nonprofits
  • Upload photos, videos, posts
  • Build followers of your profile and your products
  • Autopost your profile, products and posts to FB, Twitter, LI, G+. Scheduled or one off
  • If you want, list offers with template product pricing or create custom offers for sale e.g. attend an event with me
  • Bid or respond to RFPs submitted by companies or individuals in clicks
  • Work with your favorite nonprofits
  • Exchange messages with people you approve or do business with

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